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Shop Talk / Re: Stopping by to make you feel old
« Last post by seaniepmcgee on June 07, 2018, 08:17:11 pm »
I have met Selina, Heidi, Ogre (was a groomsman in his wedding after someone had an emergency or something), and Ogre's wife.

I have talked to Caveman on the phone, and Tron on the phone. 

Slappy called me once when he thought I was his drug dealer dennis.

DocAuburn prank called my work back when there was still MaximForums.

Space is right though, back then it was funny as shit, it was a bunch of people being silly and building jokes off each other.

Like all good things, it had to end, politics got really bad in 2000 what with the election of Bush and the whole Florida recount, so everyone started to hate everyone even when they really didn't need to do so, I admit I was a part of that even though at the time I probably thought I wasn't.  All political discussions would start off as high minded, then quickly devolve into dishonest "interpretations" of what someone's position actually was (oh, so apparently you believe that all toddlers should have access to nuclear missiles, is THAT what you are saying?  fascist!).

I was always a fun guy in florida though, except for when I moved to seattle and when I joined the Marines, however I still would karaoke, tell jokes, go to bars and be generally a silly guy with plenty of friends.   
I want to move, but like I said my business is rooted here.  Portland or some neighborhood might be nice.

It's cloudy and gross outside as usual, again. 
Shop Talk / Re: Shit -cold- weather here, and guess the #1 question in San Diego
« Last post by MUFDVR on June 05, 2018, 03:42:27 am »
Uh, you had me until the blowjob part.  I presume that's a typo. Please? 

Heidi, sounds like its time to leave SD. Where are you guys thinking of moving to?
I was in Pittsburgh one time (many a times, really. My older brother used to live and work there at PPG as a paint chemist. I used to drive down from Detroit and party with him there in Pitts often. Great town. Great restaurants. Ugly women though. No offense. But, fugly women there. No bothering to try to chat up chicks at the bar when yer in yer 20's. Yikes! Dennis Miller is from there. We saw him do a show live at some park there by the river. For free. It was ok. He is a fuckin' high-on junkie who has lost his mind today though. Fuck him.) Oh! Yes. The homeless story: I was at your Three Rivers Park or whatever it's called (I was 22 at the time. I'm 51 now) and some homeless dude with an eye patch actually talked like a pirate at us, saying, "Ay, can ye spare some change?" I said, "It's a Pittsburgh Pirate!" and we gave him some coin and a blowjob. We all laughed then fell down. 
Shop Talk / Re: Shit -cold- weather here, and guess the #1 question in San Diego
« Last post by Gooey on June 01, 2018, 07:38:59 pm »
There are homeless everywhere, even in Pittsburgh, although I have no idea why. Pittsburgh has three seasons, summer, winter, and road construction season.

P.S. 61 degrees is shorts and t-shirt weather, maybe jeans at night.
Charlotte, NC has a few homeless, but it's not a big issue. There are decent programs here for those who need help.
Shop Talk / Re: Happy Thanksgivimg numbnuts
« Last post by Pervarotti on May 25, 2018, 12:05:40 am »
Kroehilz, itís time to give up your butthole
Shop Talk / Re: Shit -cold- weather here, and guess the #1 question in San Diego
« Last post by Ogre on May 22, 2018, 10:38:08 am »
It's not better in most cities with a decent climate. Homeless people go where they can sleep comfortably outdoors. They have a right to exist, so they exist where they can beg the most. The only places I've been where it isn't an issue are places where the climate doesn't support it.

That said, they look like zombies because they don't sleep much. They're all sleep deprived to a horrific extent. It exacerbates the issue. I try to be kind to them, but I don't give money. If you care to be kind, give water, or socks.

The worst are the ones that come to you at a gas station or outside of a restaurant with an obviously bullshit sob story. Those are typically the drug addicts. They think they're being clever, and they're hard to shake sometimes.

With regards to beige stucco... yeah, that's everything in the Southwest. I hate it too. Stucco and tile roofs. Boring.

Why can't your husband get licensed somewhere else?  Is he even working?

Maybe you could start soliciting work in a nearby city, like Phoenix or Las Vegas. It's close enough to commute for a few jobs while you build a client base, and if you can build it up enough you can relocate... or expand your business.

Shop Talk / Shit -cold- weather here, and guess the #1 question in San Diego
« Last post by Pervarotti on May 21, 2018, 07:10:12 pm »
It's 61f and it's been shit weather for about 4 days, with no end in sight. 

I kind of hate it here.

- very expensive, inflation is going nuts
- tons of homeless, mean, crazy, dirty vagrants walking around like zombies on some kind of drug
- spoiled kid douche bags
- green building laws that make it impossible to get permits
- cops running lights and hitting civilians with their hands and cars
- everything is covered in beige stucco
- every woman has a spray tan, fake nails, and extensions.  Most bleach their teeth and everybody has highlights. 
- yoga pants on every woman (fat, than, old, young) all the time
- everybody I know is taking antidepressants, except my husband  --- we are all on something

Here is the number one question exchanged walking down the street in San Diego:

1. Do You have a Dollar?

no sorry

2. Spare change?  *ignore*
3. Do you have a light?  no
4. Can I get a cigarette?  (I don't smoke)
5. My baby/car/wife is in real need of help man... you got some money to help me out?

Sure, there are other comments, but for the most part nobody makes eye contact because we are all scared of being bothered, mostly for money.

It is sad - nobody says "Hello" walking past unless they're hitting on you or want money.   Some of the homeless people call me a cunt, fucking bitch, white bitch or whatever if I don't yield money.   I generally do not ever carry cash unless I know I need it for a particular reason.

Want to moooooove but my husband is licensed here, and all of my experience and work referrals are local.    I need to find another place to hate. 

Shop Talk / Re: Stopping by to make you feel old
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on May 17, 2018, 07:58:34 pm »
You met shaft? I did not know that. He and Pimp were pretty solid guys. Pimp was a bit standoffish. Which was fine. I didn't really want to get to know him. Kinda like how you get a vibe off someone and think, "This isn't my sort of guy that I would rather not have anything in common with." That was how I felt with pimp, who blew me penis.

Now, Spiderman,from Iowa, was going to Windsor, Canada for an accounting seminar in 2002, so I was living in Bitch-Again (Which is what I call Michigan because the people there complain and bitch a hell of a lot) and I was 15 minutes from Windsor, so I said to Spiderfuck: I'll be there!

We ended up at a Canadian "Gentlemen's Club". Topless and bottomless in Windsor, Canada, and the most beautiful 18 year olds in the world. $4.00 beers. And Spiderman and his buddies he brought with him were hilarious! They were from Iowa after all, but damned, his one friend maybe never saw boobs before in his life. He was a tall thin guy who looked like Gilligan. He literally stood up and was stamping his feet on the ground going, "Whooo! Hooo!". I was fucking laughing because I thought his reaction was the BEST, but at the same time realizing he was a newbie to any tit bar, said, "Hey, Can I buy you a beer to get you to settle down some, fella?" He was embarrassing.

After that. I went home. End of story.
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