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Moderna Vaccination
« on: January 25, 2021, 06:30:20 am »
So I received my moderna vaccination a couple of weeks ago.   My cell phone service has increased exponentially with no more dropped calls!   Just kidding.


For those who are hesitant and not sure, here is a breakdown of how it went for myself.


10:30 am:  went to the clinic, they asked me my medical history.   They asked me if I was allergic to glycol.   None that I know of.   No allergies.   I ask questions, they answer.

10:40 am:  sit and wait.

10:41 am:  ready for the shot.   They needle looks huge, they fill it up with a large gauge tip.   Then change it, okay good.   Normal size needle.

10:42 am:  they ask me to wait 15 minutes to see if I have a reaction.

10:58 am:  ready to go, no reaction.   Had a nice box of apple juice.

11:30 am:  arm feels okay.  No worries.

12:00 pm:   feel a slight pinch in my neck.   Arm feels tender.

12:30 pm:  I have an extra strength Tylenol.

1:30 pm:  feel a little sweaty.

1:35 pm:  a serious fart.    A new smell, itís a moderna fart!   Aha.

2:30 pm:  feel stiff neck.

3:40 pm:  I can feel my arm tender.    It feels like a slight hangover throughout my body.

4:34 pm:  hungry, normal appetite.

6:45 pm:  arm is sore, not very sore but I feel it.

8:30 pm:  it does feel like a slight hangover.   I have some water to hydrate.

9:00 pm:  I have another Tylenol.

10:00 pm:  I am tired and crash soon.   Nothing out of ordinary, I was called into work at 5:00 am so I was tired.

11:55 pm:  I usually sleep on my left side.   I was sleeping on my back and when I rolled over in bed I woke up cause that hurt.


Next morning.

06:00 am:  wake up hungry.   Arm is sore.

06:05 am:  lift arm to get a coffee cup, wonít do that again.   Went halfway and that was sore.   Use right arm.

06:10 am:  another Tylenol.

06:15 am:  another stinky fart. 

06:30 am:  have some toast.

07:55 am:  arm is tender but okay.

10:00 am:  try lift arm, and still sore.

12:00 pm:  my neck isnít as sore and feeling better.

5:00 pm:   have another Tylenol.

7:00 pm:  good moderna poop.   Aha.

9:00 pm:  in bed, laying on stomach is easier.   But wonít sleep on left arm yet.


Next day, 2 days after shot.

7:00 am:  restful sleep.   My arm feels better

8:30 am:  can lift arm better.

9:00 am:  neck feels normal.

10:00 am:  normal fart.  

7:00 pm:  no more tenderness in arm.


Next day:  3 days after shot.   Arm feels normal.   No issues with neck.  


Now everything I hear is that the second Moderna booster shot may be a little stronger.   But we shall see.    I will post another update after I receive it, should be on February 12th.   I consider myself lucky to have early access to this vaccination.   I travel for work so I do need protection.   How long it will, we shall see.   But I feel fine. 

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Re: Moderna Vaccination
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2021, 07:14:42 pm »
thanks for this hourly update. I will refer to this post when I get the vaccine or am having trouble sleeping and need something to read to knock me out
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Re: Moderna Vaccination
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2022, 10:19:14 pm »
LOL @ Silverballs.