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Shop Talk / Just renewed
« Last post by Ogre on June 10, 2021, 09:00:18 am »
9 more years...

We've been on this site for over 20 years now? Absurd!

Traffic is slow, and we've all got a lot of different stuff going on. We're all very different people than we were back in 2000.

Here's to another 20 years of this site being dead. ;)
Shop Talk / On the road again
« Last post by slakr on June 03, 2021, 10:11:21 am »
Was called up last week to fly up to the high arctic. Some of the pillars and cliffs around are 700 feet high.   .amazing scenery here


Shop Talk / Still around...
« Last post by LilDoomKitten on April 04, 2021, 08:23:57 am »
Not dead yet, y'all!
Shop Talk / Re: Moderna Vaccination
« Last post by Silver Mercenary on January 29, 2021, 07:14:42 pm »
thanks for this hourly update. I will refer to this post when I get the vaccine or am having trouble sleeping and need something to read to knock me out
Shop Talk / Moderna Vaccination
« Last post by slakr on January 25, 2021, 06:30:20 am »
So I received my moderna vaccination a couple of weeks ago.   My cell phone service has increased exponentially with no more dropped calls!   Just kidding.


For those who are hesitant and not sure, here is a breakdown of how it went for myself.


10:30 am:  went to the clinic, they asked me my medical history.   They asked me if I was allergic to glycol.   None that I know of.   No allergies.   I ask questions, they answer.

10:40 am:  sit and wait.

10:41 am:  ready for the shot.   They needle looks huge, they fill it up with a large gauge tip.   Then change it, okay good.   Normal size needle.

10:42 am:  they ask me to wait 15 minutes to see if I have a reaction.

10:58 am:  ready to go, no reaction.   Had a nice box of apple juice.

11:30 am:  arm feels okay.  No worries.

12:00 pm:   feel a slight pinch in my neck.   Arm feels tender.

12:30 pm:  I have an extra strength Tylenol.

1:30 pm:  feel a little sweaty.

1:35 pm:  a serious fart.    A new smell, itís a moderna fart!   Aha.

2:30 pm:  feel stiff neck.

3:40 pm:  I can feel my arm tender.    It feels like a slight hangover throughout my body.

4:34 pm:  hungry, normal appetite.

6:45 pm:  arm is sore, not very sore but I feel it.

8:30 pm:  it does feel like a slight hangover.   I have some water to hydrate.

9:00 pm:  I have another Tylenol.

10:00 pm:  I am tired and crash soon.   Nothing out of ordinary, I was called into work at 5:00 am so I was tired.

11:55 pm:  I usually sleep on my left side.   I was sleeping on my back and when I rolled over in bed I woke up cause that hurt.


Next morning.

06:00 am:  wake up hungry.   Arm is sore.

06:05 am:  lift arm to get a coffee cup, wonít do that again.   Went halfway and that was sore.   Use right arm.

06:10 am:  another Tylenol.

06:15 am:  another stinky fart. 

06:30 am:  have some toast.

07:55 am:  arm is tender but okay.

10:00 am:  try lift arm, and still sore.

12:00 pm:  my neck isnít as sore and feeling better.

5:00 pm:   have another Tylenol.

7:00 pm:  good moderna poop.   Aha.

9:00 pm:  in bed, laying on stomach is easier.   But wonít sleep on left arm yet.


Next day, 2 days after shot.

7:00 am:  restful sleep.   My arm feels better

8:30 am:  can lift arm better.

9:00 am:  neck feels normal.

10:00 am:  normal fart.  

7:00 pm:  no more tenderness in arm.


Next day:  3 days after shot.   Arm feels normal.   No issues with neck.  


Now everything I hear is that the second Moderna booster shot may be a little stronger.   But we shall see.    I will post another update after I receive it, should be on February 12th.   I consider myself lucky to have early access to this vaccination.   I travel for work so I do need protection.   How long it will, we shall see.   But I feel fine. 

Shop Talk / Re: To Heidi..and other Women
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on January 07, 2021, 03:18:20 pm »
I dunno, man. For me, I think it's just stale perfume mixed with old vag period blood smell, but when I'm at Target or elsewhere and some stank young or older woman comes near me with that issue (they smell the same young or old), it is rank.
Shop Talk / Re: Bye Jared
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on January 07, 2021, 03:14:54 pm »
I still don't care.
Shop Talk / Re: roll call
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on January 07, 2021, 03:14:05 pm »
Shop Talk / Re: C'mon Jeff's folks. It's time to invade again!
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on January 07, 2021, 03:13:27 pm »
I agree with NIKKI. I do believe that 4Chan grew into Anonymous then Antifa. Kinda wild how that whole thing took off as we watched it happen. It was an online thing that grew into real life. Hell, I just like online memes and like to laugh.
Shop Talk / Re: Fuck Yeah Jeff!
« Last post by SpaceMonkey on January 07, 2021, 03:10:08 pm »
Jeff is an unknown force in the world. An icon.
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